About Us

Why wait to protect your vehicle. Warranty coverage is of paramount importance to maintain the life of your car. The costs of a vehicle warranty escalate as the vehicle accumulates millage and gets older. We will offer the lowest rates for newer cars with lower miles. Contact one of our warranty specialists for a free no obligation, hassle free quote for your vehicle at 800.932.8052. Avalon Auto Protection is leader in providing affordable, A-Rated vehicle service contracts. We take pride in providing quality contracts to all levels of millage and age with the finest degree of customer service. Whether you need comprehensive coverage or just power-train coverage we will have the ability to choose any licensed repair facility that you wish with no paperwork or billing mess. We do provide the best policies and the finest customer consideration in the industry.

We have multiple plans that include FREE roadside assistance for the term of the contract. Towing, tire repair, jump start, any roadside emergency: COVERED with our plans. Car rentals are also included as well. Your vehicle repairs can be made at any licensed repair shop of your choosing anywhere in the US. You cannot find warranty service contracts more extensively accepted anywhere.